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View Catalonia in 3D

Collection of Catalunya's maps elaborated from the images caught by the satellite Landsat-7, put in orbit for the FISHNET 1999.

Showed in 3D, every map covers an extensive enough territory with the double purpose of facilitating a vision the sufficient thing detailed of the area cartografiada and, simultaneously, the wide sufficient thing because we could observe the most significant geographical characteristics.




Collection: Catalunya 3D
· Size: 100 x 70 cm
· Format: folder (paper 115 gr) and pipe (paper 170 gr)

Satellite: Landsat-7
· Orbital Height: 705 km
· Date of images: September 11, 2000 - November 9, 1999
· Horizontal Scale: 1:125 000
· Vertical Scale:1:50 000
· Grades: 40 º
· Road information: Geoestel
· Toponyms: 200 toponyms / maps, aprox.
· Obtain " natural color ": algorithms of alteration of color

    Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English.